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Sung Jin Moon Professor Brennan ENGL 110 A6 July 8, 2012 Dusty Nostalgia Humans can be acknowledged as dependent species whom need to necessarily rely on other humans to seek happiness in their life. Majority of happiness are originated from the bond and relationship people make with each other. Values and meanings of relationship cannot certainly be measured with tangible objects; yet, respect and feelings of love can only be obtained by truly understanding one another. In a novel, “Embers,” the author, Sandor Marai, articulates the true friendship between Konrad and Henrik. The dream, passion, and youth which Konrad and Henrik shared burned furiously until lust and envy within human nature had devoured the burning flame. Even though…show more content…
In spite of forty-one years and forty-three days, Henrik presents himself in front of Konrad as if he was expecting Konrad’s return. Henrik could not have faced Konrad with such confidence, without trusting Konrad wholeheartedly. Assurance of Konrad’s return is what motivated and inspired Henrik to wait for forty-one years and forth-three days in his lonely castle. As well as Konrad’s return, solid trust between Henrik and Konrad can be identified during the moment of truth. Even though Henrik knows everything regarding Konrad’s attempt of murdering him and being unfaithful with Krisztina, he desperately holds onto the faith which he has on Konrad. His calm and organized emotions and words can be described in the following passage: All these years I have never doubted that you wanted to kill me, and I’ve always pitied you. I know what you felt so exactly that I could have been standing in your place during that terrible instant when you were overwhelmed (185). No matter how much anger Henrik feels toward Konrad, the feelings of hatred and being betrayed cannot possibly overwhelm the friendship built with absolute trust. Instead of holding grudge against Konrad, Henrik rather chooses to protect the trust which he and Konrad have built up. Trust in their friendship has not only kept them heart to heart for forty-one years and forty-three days, it also guided Henrik to differentiate the darkness from light of their past. Henrik and Konrad’s
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