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In order to understand Evidence Based Medicine, or EBM, a brief history of its origins will be beneficial. According to Claridge and Fabian (2005), one of the earliest examples of EBM is found in the biblical book of Daniel. Regardless of religious affiliation, this story or anecdote provides an excellent example of a controlled study, which is one of the foundations of EBM. In this story, Daniel and his three friends Azariah, Mishael, and Hananiah, refuse to eat the food provided to them by their king. Since starvation was not an option, they proposed to their steward (who was set over them) to test them for ten days by only giving them vegetables and water for their consumption. Then they, Daniel and his three friends, would be compared to the other young men who had consumed the food provided to them by the king. Daniel and his friends agreed that they would then submit to the direction and wisdom of the steward, after he was able to evaluate both groups. The end result of the experiment was that Daniel and his friends were noticeably healthier than their counterparts who had eaten of the king’s food (Claridge, Fabian, 2005, p. 548).…show more content…
An excellent example of this is the now-obsolete practice of bloodletting. It is believed that ancient humans did not understand the true nature of disease as modern scientists and medical practitioners do today. Indeed, many seemed to only understand disease as a form of demonic possession of the victim. Therefore, the logic employed in treatment consisted of trying to let the demon “out” of the body by creating lacerations, or bloodletting, by which the demon could “evacuate” from the body (Claridge, Fabian, 2005, p.
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