Embodiment in the Robotic Fields

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The embodiment has become the big challenge for the researchers especially in robotic fields. They have tried to find the way that a robot or an agent which can be controlled as our will. Also, how we can feel that the robot or agent becomes our body. We can feel as the robot or agent feels. The classical experiment using Rubber hand, conclude that the participants can feel that the rubber hand which placed near their hand as their hand [17]. This illusion is well known as Rubber hand illusion (RHI). Tele-operation has great influence by this embodiment. Embodiment can make operator feel the remote robot as if their body so that with this technology the operator is expected to do his job better. Embodiment can be established in tele-operator just using joystick to control robot and video as a feedback [18], [19]. This system can fulfill the sense of body location and the sense of agency. In order to get more information about the surrounding of the robot and be able to interact with the object near the robot, stereoscopic vision is needed. Robots which use monoscopic vision can have some trouble if it needs depth perception [15], [20]. Furthermore, stereoscopic head mound display increase the agility, efficiency of the operator [21]. To exploit the positive outcome, we use stereo camera with stereroscopic and the operator use head mount display to see the output. To enrich the sense of body ownerships, the tele-operator system can be added with haptic feedback. Haptic
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