Embrace The Otherness Essay

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Embrace the Otherness
Over the course of anthropological history, a division among humans has been created that hierarchizes various groups of people per defining parts of their identities. A certain type of human became the standard and the other humans that did not fit this group were considered lesser and “other.” Across the centuries this specific group gained authority by subordinating those different from them and they essentially manufactured a power structure that serves to perpetuate their superiority, a system that is still intact today. This “superior” group consists of men, with European ancestry, who possess a considerable amount of wealth and are heterosexual in their sexual orientation. Our entire history has been built on this system, so how do we attempt to change a societal order that is so delicately weaved into the fabrics of human existence? We as humans, need to learn to embrace otherness. It is necessary that we acknowledge the plethora of variations that exist among the human race and receive these variations with appreciation for the fact that everyone is different. There should be no select standard that only a small minority of people worldwide fall into, which then marginalizes those who do not fit in this limited category.
One of the greatest divides within humanity is the dichotomy of man and woman. While other divisive categories like race, class and religion among others were developed later in human history, the separation of male and female
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