Essay Embracing Contraries in the Learning Process

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It is essential for a student to know what learning means and to recognize what are the areas in which their response is not according to what is vital for learning. To success as student it is a need to constantly revise how are the attitudes took in the two different characteristics of learning, so that learning may convert in the real acquirement of knowledge or skills complete by experience and by study and being taught.
First of all experience is only gained by practice. A kid learns how to walk after falling many times. Those many falls will bring experience to the kid and suddenly one day the kid will be walking without problem. It may also apply in how we learn to tie our shoes, to brush our teeth, to write and so on. The learning …show more content…

When I want to prepare a recipe first I read the entire recipe and then I start trying to cook. The first time the recipe does not come out as expected but as I keep trying one day the taste is authentic.
In my experience as a student and what I see in my fellow students many times I do not understand or I do not want to understand the idea that experience is a need in the learning process. Why do I have to practice my writing? Is it important to redo my homework? Do I need to have as homework on what I just did in class? Those are some of the questions that on occasion I have. I imagine that practicing once is enough, but it is because I look for the easy way to do things. For me, and also for other students, the fact that experience is a need in the whole learning process is not clear at times. If I, as student, realize and confront myself in this matter I could take more advantage of practicing what I have been learning in order to gain more experience from it. Reading aloud, asking for help in the speech center, watching television and listening to the radio are some of the things which help me to practice in my English learning process. Practicing what I learn is the key.
The first thing that comes to my mind when I hear the word student is the image of a student and a teacher. Evidently, if someone is a student, a teacher or instructor teaches that person. There are things that we only learn if somebody teaches us. For example Mr. Jim Sisley helps

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