Embracing The Dumb Blonde Analysis

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In its largest sense, Session on Gender demonstrated opinions on gender, sexuality, and women’s issues. It also showed the intercultural relations that cross-national boundaries, cultural relations within a particular society, and the interactions between female activities such as art and literature.
The first speaker, Krista Aldritch presented the topic “Embracing the ‘Dumb Blonde’: Navigating Identity in Anita Loos’ Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.” She argued that “dumb blonde” can actually be very intellectual and use her look to get what she wants. Krista supported her argument by using Lorelei Lee, the main character of Anita Loos’ “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.” Lorelei Lee’s character reveals what it means to be a woman in 1920s. Krista explained that Loralei Lee uses her “dumb blond” persona to succeed and to secure her future by being that “desirable image” for men.
The second speaker, Jacky Bui, confer on topic “The Anomaly of an Asian-American Woman in The 21st Century: Analyzing Intersectionality and Challenging Societal Norms in Mainstream Media.” She reasoned that Asian-American women are in minority group because they aren’t white and invisible for movie makers. They constantly struggle with self-identity. Jacky provided some movie examples such as “Mockingjay,” “Ghost in the Shell,”
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An Opera. A Meance. Identity, the Abject, and the Visual Artist in Siri Hustvedt’s ‘The Blazing World’” take in-depth look at the artificial boundaries in woman being an artist. Orla talked about visual artist, middle aged female, who believes the imperfection is the hierarchy of being especially when she tries to find herself outside the artist world. She sees through her surroundings that intellect and art is an objection to women and the process of objection same as the process of liminality. Based on the book, Orla highlighted how people singularity of “double consciousness” can turn to multiplication of
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