Embryo Harvesting And Genetic Manipulation

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Embryo Harvesting and Genetic Manipulation Modern Technologies have given rise to preserving family’s lives and heritage all over the globe. One such technology is posthumous conception which involves harvesting and freezing or genetic manipulations like In-Vitro fertilization, Artificial Insemination, and Cryopreservation of gametes (eggs and sperm) and embryos. Numerous families have benefited from posthumous conceptions, but not without raising ethical questions and concerns (Soules, 1999). Posthumous reproduction is an issue that triggers legal, religious, and ethical debates (Knapp et al, 2011). The following will explore some of the ethical issues and implication surrounding embryo harvesting and genetic manipulations and the impact it has on stakeholders such as nurses, and the role the laws plays as well as the effects on the family dynamics and their future while describing ethical theories and/or principles and will summarize the social values, morals, norms, nursing practice that applies to the topic. Ethical Dilemma and Implications Posthumous conceptions occur after one of the biological parent dies, and techniques of using stored gametes or retrieval of eggs or sperms are used immediately upon death (Soules, 1999). These techniques allow for human reproduction from a genetic parent whose lifespan is about to expire due to mortal illness. The increased awareness of this technology, requires the health care practitioners to facilitate education about this
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