Embryonic Stem Cell Research Could Help Out Many People

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Embryonic stem cell research could help out many people and benefit from the research that they do on embryonic stem cells. There is a very big ethic problem when it comes to doing the research on the stem cells, but do you think that it is worth it?
There are some pros and cons on the research on embryonic stem cells. There is many benefits to conducting research on the stem cells. They could use differentiated cells that could result to certain disease that require transplanting stem cells generated from the human embryonic stem cell. The diseases are traumatic spinal cord injury, diabetes, Duchene’s muscular dystrophy, vision and hearing loss as well as heart disease. (White) Stem cells could also
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They are will be many people’s lives saved because the wait can be so long to wait when it comes to an organ. There is many cons to why not to do research on embryonic stems cells. The cells are derived from a human embryos and for them to be obtained the embryo must be disassembled. Then the once done disassembling the component cells are then grown in culture. Many people believe that life begins at conception so the stem cells used for research should have a legal treatment and status as a human beings. Embryonic stem cells can cause tumors due to rapid growth when injected into adults. The human embryonic stem cells will require the use of drugs which is lifelong so as to prevent rejection of the tissue. One principle which is suffering, and the other enjoins us to respect the value of human life. Harvesting and culturing of embryonic stem cells can have a lot of potential to bring for the benefits in the way of many medical conditions.( Curzer) There is other cases to make that harvesting human embryonic stem cells that violates a principle that there is the destruction of human life with value. There is a question to which principle that would be the best way to go on with the confits of the embryonic stem cells. Should we take the first one and let them destroy embryonic stem cells research because of what the greater good could come to the benefits to others,
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