Embryonic Stem Cell Research: The Future

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Embryonic Stem Cell Research Is The Future

Embryonic Stem Cell Research holds the key to unlocking cures for many currently considered “incurable” diseases and even though Embryonic Stem Cell Research holds the potential to alleviate malicious disabilities, replacing harmful cancer cells and regrowing new tissue; with a little guidance from scientist. Embryonic Stem Cell Research is one of the biggest controversial topic centered primarily on the ethical implications of the destruction and use of the embryos during research. Since Stem Cells are the source of all tissues in our body, understanding how they develop and work will give scientists a better understanding in human biology, in health and sickness.
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Even though Adult Stem Cells doesn't destroy embryos, Adult Stem Cell applications are limited and is not as flexible as Embryonic Stem Cell. Embryonic Stem Cells have greater potentials simply because Embryonic Stem Cells can develop into any type of cell such as nerve cells and muscles and on the contrary Adult Stem Cells are more specialized and can only develop into limited amount of cells, only being able to make cell only from their tissue of origin (“Beliefs about Science”) which is why their potential application is not as great as Embryonic Stem…show more content…
The blastocysts phase of development embryos only have 100 cells and are the size of a period, they have no nervous system, limbs, or a heart. It does not constitute a human being features so it shouldn't be considered a human (Gerard Magill). Stem Cells Research should be allowed, because we’ll be able to change the fate of people with life altering diseases for the better. I personally see nothing wrong with extracting embryonic stem cells from embryos that are not suitable for impaction and using it for research. These in vitro fertilized embryos are doomed to be destroyed anyways so why shouldn't we use
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