Embryonic Stem Cells Or No?

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Embryonic Stem Cells or No?

Did you know that since 1981, researchers have been removing embryonic stem cells from thousands of embryos to create cells that could potentially save people from diseases? How many patients do you think this has helped since then? Hundreds? Thousands? Wrong. In fact, not one “cure” has been found to help people with Parkinson’s, cancer, heart disease and so many more rare diseases that it is said to be able to help.
Embryonic stem cell research has been an issue in America for right around 35 years. Essentially, what this is, is letting a fertilized egg turn into an embryo, which contains many stem cells. To be obtained though, the embryo must be damaged.Resulting, in killing this pre-born child. To me, this is not the best way to obtain the cells researchers really need.
I am against embryonic stem cell research because it is immoral, there are other options for obtaining stem cells, and using these unspecialized cells have serious effects.
Immorality( being unethical) is a large issue in today’s society.Embryonic stem cell research is right next to abortion and murder on the “Immoral” list. I am strongly against embryonic stem cell research because , it is taking away the human rights of the child that could be born. All humans are conceived with the right of life. The intentional obtention of human embryonic stem cells deliberately destroys the human forming in the cell. All human beings, not just adults, not just children; not just
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