Embryos In Brave New World

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Aldous Huxley’s novel, Brave New World, depicts a world in which babies are created and grown in factories, and sex is no longer needed to procreate. Set in the year of 2540, where science is at its height, people are genetically designed for a specific social rank in order for the government to control society. The government clones embryos in order to have enough people to meet the needs of the workforce. In the past few years of modern society, many people have begun to fear that the world presented in the novel will become a reality. Believing that through designer babies, or babies created through science, people will no longer have the freedom that exists today. Critics often debate whether or not the science of eugenics brought up in…show more content…
Eggs and sperm are stored in thousands of racks, waiting to be fertilized, ““These,” he waved his hand, “are the incubators.” And opening an insulated door he showed them racks upon racks of number test-tubes. “The week’s supply of ova.”” (16) In fertility clinics today, test-tube babies have become normality, in vitro fertilization has contributed to over 5 million births. Yet, just because science has found its way into procreation in today’s society, this does not mean it gives the government more control. It is ultimately the parents’ choice whether or not to have an IVF, something that more and more people have decided to do. People can start to choose whether or not they want certain characteristics to appear in their child, a choice that the government can never take away from them. After being stored, the next task of fertilization begins, “”This hive of industry,” as the Director was fond of calling it. […] Under the microscopes, their long tails furiously lashing, spermatozoa were burrowing head first into eggs.” (136). Though the task of fertilization mirrors the process seen today, it will never be kept in such an orderly fashion of government control as seen in the novel. The novel describes thousands upon thousands of fertilizations in a single week, as the government…show more content…
It is growing at a fast pace, becoming a huge part of how people live. Yet, the government will have little say in how people use the technology, as it is up to the parents and the doctors giving the treatment. People have free will, and in the US, people will do whatever they can do to make sure the government does not take complete control over them. Even if the government tries to force control over genetics, there is no way it will gain full control, as in the end, it is the parent’s
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