Emc 2 : Delivering Customer Centricity— Case Study

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EMC 2 : DELIVERING CUSTOMER CENTRICITY— CASE STUDY EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Founded in 1979 by Richard Egan and Roger Marino, college classmates, EMC Corporation started fueling into the emerging industry of data storage. EMC promised its customers a new kind of relationship where they would ultimately be the center of their mission, and being able to deliver results with outstanding quality was their main priority. Adding stepObyOstep a strong Customer Relationship Management (CRM) practices, became the company’s drive for business, while keeping in mind the importance of listening to the voice of their customers at all times. With strengths and weakness to work upon, EMC has been able to innovate and compete in the industry; integrating…show more content…
The company has a vast technology and infrastructure available to achieve objectives set and ValueOAdded Retailers (VARs) that facilitate the way of getting in touch with the customers with a decreased cost while maintaining an increase in revenue. EMC has enormous experience in the industry, which gives them the opportunity to implement new and enhance CRM practices with their already established relationships and acquire new relationships, digitallyOdriven, by engaging online. With the alternative provided, EMC will be able to retain their customers and obtain new ones. Transforming the organizational structure imperatively requires a substantial investment; and as the digital interaction is being implemented in their endOtoOend CRM, the results will also be substantial. The promise is essentially growing as a company, in revenue, in customer volume and the brand overall becomes stronger. These factors lead to the success and performance of the company at delivering customer centricity accompanied by their products whose quality aligns with quality of their worldOcalls high touch service. SITUATION ANALYSIS The situation in this case surrounds EMC Corporation, a publicly traded multinational corporation within the computer electronics, and information technology industry. Throughout the last decades, EMC has developed from offering only data storage systems to a complex product

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