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Welcome to the EME Trainer program! Thank you for donating your time and talent to the Fraternity and its educational programs. The following pages contain important information about the EME Trainer program including its policies, procedures and positions within the Fraternity’s educational programming. All information included in this handbook is necessary for the role of an EME Trainer.
Some of these items will be discussed further during training weekend while others will not. Please make note of any questions you may have as you are reading so these can be addressed during the training weekend.
We are looking forward to getting to know you as a member of the EME Trainer team!
Instructions for Training Weekend Pre-Work
Prior to arriving
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Each year, 18 facilitators are selected to lead a small group throughout the weekend. Of the 18 facilitator positions, six or seven positions are filled by new individuals. The remaining 10-11 are filled by individuals who have served in this position in the…show more content…
As an EME Trainer, you may also volunteer as program staff or a facilitator-in-training — for those learning to be a facilitator. If you have not previously attended, it is recommended that you experience Leadership Academy as a participant first. This provides a useful perspective to the role of facilitator.
Volunteer interest forms are available in late winter and due back to the Department of Education and Training by March 15.

VI. Where Do EME Trainers Fit?
In partnership with the Content Director of Programming, the Director of Education and Training at Kappa Headquarters supervises EME Trainers. Although not listed on the Fraternity organizational chart, EME Trainers support Content Directors as well as the Programming and Leadership Development Specialists.
EME Trainer Timeline: Requests, Forms and Expenses
A. Requests
• Many different people can request an EME Trainer: Fraternity Council, Content Directors, District Directors, Content Specialists, advisers, or members of a chapter or association. All requests must be made through the Fraternity Education Assistant.
B. Role of the Education

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