Emelia Alternate Ending

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Once lunch ended, Emelia rushed to her father's room in hopes to speak with him. Upon reaching his room she couldn't help but feel slight terror that something had happened to him. "Papa?" She knocked and then cracked open the door. "Emelia! Come in!" Her father said, happy to see her. She slid in and carefully shut the door behind her. Looking around the room, she saw her father working on some papers at his desk. He looked up and smiled a smile that didn't reach his eyes. "Papa, are you okay? I was worried when you didn't come out for breakfast or lunch. Is something wrong?" Her face was flooded with concern for the man who had raised her. "I'm fine, Mon amour. I was just catching up on some paper work." She nodded and he merely laughed.…show more content…
Police and firemen had come as well as a few doctors. One of them walked over and was about to speak to Emelia when Madame Giry pulled her away. "My dear child, let them do their jobs. You must come now, if you stay like that any longer blood will surely stain your costume." With that she was whisked away by the Madame and found that they had gone to the lounge for the performers. As soon as they entered the room everyone stopped and stared at the two ladies before them. Emelia was still crying and Madame Giry did her best to try and calm her. Finally she rushed the girl into her dressing room then walked back out to speak with the performers. "Vell, is de manager okay or no? If 'e is not okay, zen zere is no zis!" Carlotta began another fit. "Please, everyone calm down. I'm sure our dear manager shall be fine...Meanwhile, you all are free to leave, the rest of rehearsal is cancelled. Just because rehearsal is cancelled does not mean there will be no show tomorrow, though. I want to see you all here, ready to perform, bright eyed and bushy tailed. Dismissed!" With that everyone departed and Madame Giry returned to the doctors, police, and firemen who were helping the poor child's
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