Essay about Emergence of Feminism in Indian Literature: An Overview

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Emergence of Feminism In Indian Literature: An Overview
Feminism basically means guarding equal rights for women as enjoyed by men. Feminism does not talk only about the social rights but also about the political as well as economic rights of a woman. Feminism is a search for the identity of the most marginalized creature on earth, that is, woman. In India, women have always been considered weak or inferior by the dominating patriarchal society from ages. They are considered merely a subject of oppression and dominance. Women have not been marginalized now but it is continuing from ages, however, even the idea of feminism had been established since the inception of the universe. There is a myth that Lord Brahma first created man but then he, in his generosity, decided to give man a companion. Since he had already used all the material in creating man, he borrowed a lot of material from nature and created woman. The idea of feminism is established when Lord Brahma introduces woman to man saying that “She will serve you lifelong and if you cannot live with her, neither can you live without her”. This shows that woman has always been considered as someone who is weak, self-sacrificing, inferior and has only one purpose of life and that is just to obey and serve the traditional dogmas created by the patriarchs. This paper deals with the state of women in India from the inception of the universe till today. It focuses on the emergence of feminism in India which…

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