Emergence of Human Consciousness and Its Future

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Some people argue that either consciousness existed in other human beings, or it emerged at some instance during the process of evolution. It is pertinent to note that the proponents of the idea of emergence of consciousness during evolution believe that it was one of the adaptive features developed by humans in order to survive in the changing environment. This has been the most common view. Human consciousness is an integral section defining the abilities of a human being. As an adaptive feature in human beings, consciousness has a number of roles necessary for human survival. Adaptability in human beings is an outcome of the struggle to survival in a dynamic environment. The conventional theory on the emergence of consciousness is the development of a complex neural network in the brain. This is related to the pattern of the neural networks in the brain. However, within this theory, there are subsets of thoughts that explain the synchronous oscillations in the neural networks. With evidence, this study will seek to show the superior and complex nature of human consciousness compared to other organisms (Rychlak, 1997).
Are humans the only conscious beings?
A number of scholars have answered this question in the past. It has been argued that animals such as cows and dogs are only aware of…
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