Emergence of New Technology during the World War I

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Increasing use of Medical Marijuana There are several Americans who use the complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) with a hope of having full health and total well being. In the National Health Interview survey (NHIS) that was conducted in 2007, there was particular emphasis placed on CAM as used by most Americans and the result were that on estimation, 38% of the adults in America use CAM (National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine, 2011). Marijuana has a long standing history in its use as hallucinogen. However, there have revolutions and the use of this herb as a form of medicine has been widely accepted over the world and there are several countries where the use of this herb is legal and yet there are some countries where the use is confined to prescription medication only. There is need therefore to look at the medicinal use of marijuana and the benefits that come with it. Anna Wilde Mathews (2012) indicates the research conducted by the American Medical Association among 300 people with an aim of seeing into the possible use of it in more diverse medication or even as CAM brought out results in favor of the use of marijuana for medication. Doctors indicate that marijuana has been identified to help patients manage neuropathic pain that is typically occasioned by some nerve injuries. It has also been identified to bolster appetite as well as treating nausea among cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy. In most countries, the use of
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