Emergence of Psychology Through Aristotle's Definition and Theories on the Psychê

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It is without question that Aristotle's theories and principles influenced the western civilization for decades. According to Hergenhahn (2009) the philosopher's De Anima plays a major part of psychology because it is considered to be the first text on the history of psychology. It is within that book, Aristotle seek to define the mind and the soul: psychê. He later based his theories involving psychology based on his definition of psychê. In order to develop his own definition of the mind and the soul, Aristotle brought forth the idea of empirical studies of behavior as evidence upon his theories. Not only that, he instilled the idea that empirical observation is not to enough alone. It is only with both empiricist and rationalist methods…show more content…
Even though, his theory is clearly wrong, it is the vast depths of areas to which he took his theory of psychê into that had gave birth to various areas of psychological research. The psychê is involved in nutrition of the mind, the perception of senses, the intellect of man, the movement of the body, and the imagination/dream well (Green & Groff, 2003). Thus, by his definition alone, Aristotle had sparked the question is the body a duelist system or a monist system, materialist or idealist, so on and so forth. As a philosopher Aristotle dabbled in various fields. His background in biology introduced a different perspective to ancient psychology. He took neither the empiricist or realist view. Aristotle opted to make his observation with the combination of both opposite field. It is through his observation that the significance of outlier influences on human interactions are considered. Furthermore, it is with his definition of what is the mind and soul that the idea of dualism versus monism are still debated today. Not only that, his theories of the importance of psychê created various of field for future psychological theories to build upon and influence modern psychologists. In essence, does it matter that the philosopher was wrong in his conclusions? Taking into account that modern psychology is at where it is now due to people contesting

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