Emergency Action Plan For Emergency Personnel

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Jeff Podeszwa
JMU Wild West Rodeo
Emergency Action Plan

I. Purpose:

A. To establish a written document, outlining and explaining procedures during general and specific emergencies.

B. Emergencies to be covered:
-General Injuries
-General Evacuation
-Inclement Weather
-Sudden Cardiac Arrest
-Cervical Spine Injury

C. Event Maps and this document will be placed throughout the event area at various locations.

II. Emergency Communication:

A. Handheld radios will be used as the primary communication device. Each radio will be fully charged prior to the event, and set to channel 1.
B. Radios will be used as the primary communication device for all on site emergencies.
C. If you need to contact any Rodeo personnel from an off-site location, cell phones are to be used. All contact information will be listed under the Emergency Personnel section of this plan.

III. Emergency Personnel:

A. Jeff Podeszwa, ATC, is the coordinator of the Emergency Action Plan, all questions and comments can be directed to him.
B. For this event, the medical staff consists of; two certified Athletic Trainers, three Paramedics (from the Harrisonburg Rescue Squad), and two Athletic Training Students for emergencies. All medical staff personnel will be trained in advanced life saving measures, including certifications in CPR and AED use.
C. Other personnel that will be involved with emergency situations include bullfighters, security guards, and athlete’s team members.

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