Emergency And Disaster Preparedness Education For The Latino Community

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Emergency and Disaster Preparedness Education for the Latino Community Rachael P. Donnelly & Joyce K. Wu MCPHS University Emergency and Disaster Preparedness Education for the Latino Community Project Aim The project aims to educate the Latino community in Worcester, Massachusetts about emergency and disaster preparedness. In determining this project, we consulted Healthy People 2020 topics, and selected from among the new topics the one which most spoke to our experiences. As is supported by the literature, we recognized the recent difficulties over the last ten years in community preparedness for and response to natural disasters and public emergencies (Pokras, Zambrana, Mora, & Aaby, 2007). While communities across the United States have been tested in terms of their resources and organization in responding to emergencies ranging from hurricanes to terrorist attacks and subsequently put in place improved strategies, there are still populations which remain vulnerable (Pokras et al., 2007, Eisenman, Glik, Maranon, Gonzales & Asch, 2009b). Despite the resources which communities have put in place in order to ensure that citizens are prepared for disasters and emergencies, the ability of these resources to reach immigrant populations which may experience barriers due to language, etc. is uncertain (Pokras et al., 2007, Eisenman, et. al., 2009b). One population which has suffered from this uncertainty is the Latino population
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