Emergency And Disaster Response Of Emergency Management Essay

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EMERGENCY AND DISASTER RESPONSE The cycle of emergency management continues with response to an emergency or disaster. The goal in this stage is to bring order to chaos. By alleviating confusion it allows an organized response. (Faggiano & McNall, 2012) An organized response to disasters is vital to mitigating the loss of lives and property. To properly respond during a disaster there must be a coordinated response, complete with information sharing and exceptional communication. Communication must involve all responding agencies and governments as well as the affected population. Of course, information is valuable and not all information should be shared, but the population must be informed of the disaster. When a disaster strikes, people first try the most familiar channels of information. This includes phone calls, emails, or text messages. When they are unable to find sufficient information through these means, “alternate means such as social networks become an important conduit for information gathering and sharing” (Simon, Goldberg, & Adini, 2015). Not only will they seek alternative means when they can’t find sufficient information, “they will seek any available venue of information” (Simon, Goldberg, & Adini, 2015). This is why it’s vital to be recognized as a reliable source of information before a disaster strikes. “During natural disasters social media provides… a feeling of connectedness” (Simon, Goldberg, & Adini, 2015). This feeling of connectedness prevents
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