Emergency Evacuation Plan

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Emergency Evacuation Plan

Regular wellsprings of crises recognized in crisis activity arranges incorporate ought to incorporate - fires, blasts, surges, sea tempests, tornadoes, common unsettling influences

I begin my emergency evacuation plan by asking myself what I would do and what might be the imaginable effect on my home and family and gadget suitable reactions.

Keeping a rundown of key contacts current and make procurements for a crisis correspondences framework, for example, a phone, a convenient radio unit, or different means so that contact with neighborhood law implementation, the fire office, and others can be quick.

Have a List names and contact data for all relatives

Departure Policy and Procedures

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Contact information for all family members listed here
Fire Department –Emergency call 911 Fire Department – Non-emergency # (865) 436-5112
Medical Services – Emergency (life threatening) call 911
Local Hospital LeConte Medical Center Non-life threatening # (865) 446-7000
Police Department – Emergency call 911 Local Police Department – Non-emergency # (865) 436-5181
Landlord cell phone # 123-456-7890
Directions for contacting emergency services EVACUATE home if fire.
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