Emergency Management And Disaster Response

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Dr. Charter,
I would like to say thank you for giving me a better understanding of emergency management. I never thought that I would embrace this career field, but since my first class I have been intrigued to learn more. This course gave me a better understanding of the role of crisis action planning in emergency management and disaster response including crisis leadership, management theories and methodologies to use. After reading over the syllabus I was very nervous in drafting a crisis action plan, but our forum posts, your guidance, and interaction with each throughout this course reminded me that as long as I have the available tools and resources I would be able to develop a crisis action plan for an organizational survival
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This crisis impacted numerous of people that created internal and external professions to respond to and manage this event. It took this event to happen to force the hand to do something about the shortage of personnel needed to complete the mission. Being exposed to our vulnerabilities has placed us on the radar. Although, my command resolved the problem; it shouldn’t have happened in the first place. Also my leadership and the people involved in this incident communicated effectively to get the job done.
Looking back over my book choice (Leading People Through Disasters: An Action Guide), it ties into my crisis action plan. We must forward think about crisis management along with incorporating the human component in our disaster preparedness plan when dealing with any crisis due to matter it could possibly lead to a physical breakdown, logistics issues, data losses and environmental and economic impact to any organization including their employees and customers. We must be continually reminded that no one is exempt from any disaster. If you fail to plan, then you are planning to fail you and your organization as a whole. In this book the authors incorporated human being in the organization continuity plan, including their safety, welfare, and effective communication throughout the incident, and etc. By doing this, it illustrated that the management cared for
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