Emergency Management

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The roles of information systems in emergency response system and how the individual would use it. In emergency response management the basic network involves receiving information and then the mobilization of the necessary emergency services and first responders to the disaster area. This is should include a first wave of core emergency services, such as firefighters, police and ambulance crews, but the size of the emergency determines the amount of resources allocated to any disaster. In receiving information there needs to be a way to provide and obtain accurate and timely information about the event and keep communication open and flowing with all the responders. It should have a way for key people to communicate and keep everyone…show more content…
This would greatly reduce any information overload that would hinder decision making. In the span of not having enough information, some decision makers will wait on making a decision, but this could be just as bad as making a wrong decision.[Carver] Other key decision makers will fall back on routines which might not be relevant in the situation. The technology in this situation needs to be able to take the amount of information gathered and then start the allocation of resources to the area so that information does start coming in, they can immediately start implementing the response plans. There is a need for both discipline, which would include structure, doctrine, and processes, and agility which could be defined by creativity, improvisation, adaptability in responding to a disaster.[Walker] There is also the need to onboard and build an effective leadership team quickly to coordinate and manage efforts as they grow beyond first responders. The leader and team must formulate and implement a disciplined, iterative set of response plans, allowing initial coordinated responses that are vaguely right, adapting to new information and changes in circumstances as they arise. There needs to be a broad system that will allow people who have never worked together before the ability to understand the objectives from the information provided and instantly update on any
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