Emergency Management Issues

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The United States emergency management communities are psychologically unprepared to deal with the loss of lives and property from catastrophic disasters; a price of overwhelming death and destruction affecting the international first response community. Many first responders lament to post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) (bostock, Matusko,Emp, Paterson & Bryant, 2013) and whereas, the global community has tried for decades to prevent such mental injury, the U.S., since the terrorist attacks of 9/11 and hurricane Katrina, is only beginning to understand the cost of sending emotionally unprepared personnel to national disaster front lines. However, research explains that there are a few first response professionals who return from unimaginable situations psychologically unharmed; in fact, some will work their entire life becoming agog and mitigating catastrophic events without receiving a single long-lasting emotional scar (Paek, Hilyard, Freimuth, Barge, & Mindlin, 2010). This research will…show more content…
Obtaining an individual’s positive mental characteristics will help fortify them as future successful employees, who will then be sent out as rookie minded observers. During such time, ERP will be table-top disaster education centered on their original psychological evaluation abilities. Disasters and PTSD are on the rise (Steinberg, 1996), making it vitally important to hire, train and maintain a lifelong elite class of mentally fit first responders. Using this research correctly will psychologically and physically prepare emergency first response employees; it will properly equip them for the disasters of tomorrow. It is believed, if the emergency management community utilizes the following 15 step criteria, it will prepare them both emotionally and
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