Emergency Management Training in College Campuses

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Uncertainty in regards to individual activities within a large student population is always a cause for concern. It is difficult to govern or even deter the questionable activities of a predominately young student population. This problem is exacerbated due to the rebellious nature of young students in regards to politics, social interactions, student programing and more. Public news often comes from universities with questionable activities such as fraternity hazing, supporting controversial leaders, and more. This behavior is what makes a university campus and atmosphere so unique relative to other educational venues. The university can foster these activities while being sensitive to others personal beliefs. Unforeseen circumstances are common place however on university campuses with such unique activities, beliefs, and behaviors. The magnitude and scope of these incidents often varies. As such, proper training is essential in alleviating the concerns garnered by unforeseen circumstances (Bruce, 2009). To begin, it is very important to train all university personnel on proper protocol when an incident occurs. This is primarily true due to the often large and diverse backgrounds of college campus. What makes a college so unique can also be the reason for unforeseen circumstances to occur. As such, all viable personnel should be trained. The content of the training will be universal and apply to stakeholders. The training will occur twice a year in order to provide new
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