Essay on Emergency Management: Trust and Compliance

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In order to protect citizens, infrastructure, business and property, Governors have to perform pivotal responsibilities. In case of a disaster emergency, the Governor which is also the chief executive is responsible for the adequate response of any type of emergency such as human caused, natural or technological incidence1. The performance of a successful emergency response requires from the Governor good communication and relationship with the respective governmental agencies, community, private-sector and institutions2. Therefore, because the Governor should respond to the citizens who voted for him, he should be responsible for maintaining stakeholders always engaged in the public’s health and emergency responses. According to the …show more content…
Likewise, the Governor has the authority to deploy the National Guard and he may use it to assist in response operations, in support of the local incident commander or the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency (PEMA)2.
Under the terms and conditions of the Stafford Act, once the state of Pennsylvania has reached its maximum limit of resources, the Governor can request a Presidential Declaration of Major Disaster, in order to receive federal support. He may also use the Commonwealth funds and may transfer up to $10,000,000 from unused General Fund money in order to deal with the disaster emergency. Moreover, the Governor can use all Commonwealth and political subdivision resources available as necessary to deal with the disaster emergency and is responsible of authorizing purchases, lease or make other arrangements with the Federal Government for temporary housing units to be occupied by disaster victims so it can serve as shelters. The Governor may also request the interstate mutual aid which supplements emergency response capabilities of Pennsylvania. He must first look within Pennsylvania borders to determine whether the resources are available to support his responsibilities involved in the immediate response.
If there is a need of evacuation during the emergency, the Governor has the authority to evacuate all or part of the population from the threatened area. This evacuation will be coordinated and
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