Emergency Operation Plan Essay

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Week 5 Assignment Emergency Operation Plan for Ashford University
HSM 315 Emergency Planning
Instructor Donald Walker
November 2, 2012

Emergency Operation Plan
Ashford University
400 North Bluff Blvd
Clinton, IA 52732
Toll-free number
Fax number
After office hours, please call
Clinton Police Department 563.243.1458
Director of Student Success 563.242.4023 ext. 7382
Manager of Campus Security 563.242.4023 ext. 7868
Associate Director of Student Services 563.242.4023 ext. 7789

Disasters, whether natural or manmade, can happen anytime and anywhere, without warning. An earthquake, hurricane, tornado, fire, or hazardous material spill or even an act of terrorism can happen
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In the area of, Ashford University and Clinton Iowa, tornadoes can occur at any time, but primarily occur between the months of April through October. Tornadoes can be the most brutal of storms. Winds speeds can reach speeds nearing 300 miles per hour and can destroy anything in its path. Tornadoes form rapidly and can travel for miles along the ground and lift up from the ground, and then suddenly change directions and touchdown again! There is little you can do to protect your property from a direct hit by a tornado; however, many actions can be taken to protect you and your family.
2. All campus buildings are equipped with a NOAA weather radio which broadcasts news of tornado watches and warnings.
3. 5 Outdoor Warning Sirens sometimes referred to as Tornado Sirens, are used in warning citizens who are outdoors about impending danger. In Clinton County there are two main siren systems that cover the all incorporated cities within Clinton County as well as several unincorporated areas. Both the sirens that are part of the siren system located within the 10 Mile Emergency Planning Zone or EPZ, for the Cordova Nuclear Plant, and the siren system installed and maintained by the Clinton County Emergency Management Commission are part of a cohesive system that can be activated in a uniform manner. All of the sirens can be sounded individually, in groups, or activated throughout the county.
4. General
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