Emergency Operations Plan

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Emergency Operations Plan Roland Brown University of Phoenix Critical Incident Management CJA/560 Ian Moffett November 22, 2010 Emergency Operations Plan Emergency planning has changed very much since the 9/11 attacks. Law enforcement agencies focus more on prevention, preparedness, response, recovery, and mitigation. With planning and efforts made by law enforcement agencies, the law enforcement community can provide a comprehensive emergency management and security program (EMHSD/MSP, 2009). The first phase in producing an effective emergency program is prevention. This phase of emergency planning prevents emergencies from occurring. The importance of proactive patrolling is crucial in the prevention of some criminal…show more content…
The first officers arriving on the scene will remain and continue to provide law enforcement duties and assist at the direction of the incident commander. In the emergency response procedures the fundamental priorities for officers include • Preservation of life • Scene stabilization • Suspect apprehension • Property preservation • Evidence collection • Environmental protection (DPD, 2010). The City of Detroit emergency plan provides comprehensive instruction for every person involved in responding to the emergency. The first arriving officers on the scene shall perform in sequential order several important procedures: • Make an initial assessment of the situation • Advise dispatch the nature and scope of the emergency • Identify equipment needed and proper personnel • Advise on safe avenue to approach scene • Notify officer in-charge of district desk (DPD, 2010). The incident commander when arriving on the scene shall first notify dispatch that he or she is taking command of the situation. Second, the incident commander will establish a field command post and staging area in a safe location. The incident commander will also find a way to contain and isolate the situation by setting up a perimeter around the situation. The incident commander is also responsible for providing other key functions including: • Delegating authority for other essential
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