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Emergency Stove
In the United States there are 35 million homes that are at risk of being affected by a natural disaster.() These natural disasters are responsible for $6.6 trillion in property damage.() A city in the United States with a very hish risk of being affected by a natural disaster is Fayetteville, North Carolina. Here there is a risk of wildfires, hurricanes, and tornadoes.() A big problem caused by these storms is the loss of electricity. Without electricity people are left without light and are also not able to cook food. If a natural disaster is expected to happen people should stock up on emergency food that won’t spoil and a big water supply. () Unfortunatley, about 70% of people in Unites States are not prepared to deal with a big storm.() If a person is not prepared for an emergency, cooking food will be difficult if there is no electricity, grill,
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The first experiment was used to determine which design was the most fuel efficient. It was important to make this experiment to figure out which stove could be lit for a longer of time period if the same amount of fuel was used. If a person found themselves in an emergency they might need to ration their resources and so they must have a very efficient stove that will stay lit for a long time. Based on the information gathered from the first experiment, it was estimated that stove #1 would be the most efficient design so it would also probably heat things up the faster than stove #2. The second experiment was made to find out which stove design would boil water the fastest. This would be an important experiment to carry out in case there is a need to cook or heat up a liquid during an emergency. The third experiment was made to find out which could cook an egg the
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