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LOA Project – Emergency Management Plan

Purpose Statement
When a crisis arises unexpectedly it places an organization in a precarious situation that jeopardizes the reputation of the company, the brands, key stakeholders as well as the employees. This has become even more critical in recent years as media outlets are no longer the only source of reporters, anyone with a cell phone equipped with a camera can report a developing crisis. For this reason, it is paramount that businesses in the modern era have an emergency plan in place before a crisis develops. A crisis is going to present numerous challenges even with a plan; not having a plan in place at all will drastically increase the odds of the crisis escalating to a point that it no longer is manageable. The intent of creating an emergency plan ahead of time is to be as prepared as possible to identify a developing crisis, manage the crisis and move beyond the crisis. There are a multitude of components that go into an effective emergency management plan from communication, to establishing a team, training key stakeholders as well as communicating internally and externally. In the midst of a crisis, there will not be sufficient time to bring everyone involved up to the level of proficiency required to deal with the developing crisis. For this reason, it is vital that all individuals who will be involved in managing the crisis have been properly trained and a robust emergency plan is in place. In some cases not
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