Emergency Plan For The Health Care Center Essay

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Emergencies are situations that cannot be avoided in any healthcare organization whenever there are security threats. Early preparations are therefore important to solve any problem that may arise during such situations. In order to prepare healthcare organization for emergencies, an effective emergency plan must be in place to ensure the safety and health of patients and the public at large.
A 600-bed health organization is a big facility but during emergencies, it may not be able to accommodate all patients due to the fact that victims are likely to be hundreds or even thousands of people. There are essential healthcare services that each healthcare facility must address. When an emergency arises, health care that is provided to patients in the hospital can be disrupted since demand for services will increase. To minimize disruption of services for patients and smooth running of operations in the health organization, an emergency management plan should be developed to link the health care center to community response.
One of the existing procedures for handling an emergency is to apply mitigation activities in order to lessen the severity and impact that the emergency may have on the patient. The first activity is to check the patient to determine what kind of health care service he/she may need. Diagnosis and investigation of the problem is done to enable the doctors identify the problem to be handled.
Once the problem has been identified, all resources and
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