Emergency Planning Essay

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SECR 5060 – EMERGENCY PLANNING QUESTIONS Question 1 Discuss the following elements found in the plan: A Mission, goals and/or objectives and discuss which of them was the most important and why. Since Florida is at risk for emergencies or disasters on a daily basis, Florida’s Division of Emergency Management (DEM) 2008-2013 commenced a Strategic Plan. Within these plans, they set up goal and objectives to ensure that they meet the needs of the state, before, during, and after disasters. It is their ultimate goal to have a well-known emergency program in the nation. This goal is not founded upon the desire for praises or gratitude for DEM, but to make sure they are striving daily to improve their methods, by responding to the…show more content…
Also, they communicate with the local emergency management offices and other state agencies such as the Departments of Transportation, Environmental Quality, Health and Hospitals, etc., are also initiated. Based on weather conditions, Level IV activation could take place up to a week prior to storm landfall. Level III Activation When forecasts show that a hurricane poses a threat, Level III is activated. At this point, a storm strike is close. Florida’s Office of Emergency Preparedness (FOEP) staff begins to coordinate with the Florida Department of Transportation to clear evacuation routes of all obstructions and to collect traffic volume data on key routes on an eight-hour basis. The National Guard is contacted to coordinate the needs of local emergency management officials, such as the use of military vehicles for evacuation transportation. At this stage, Florida officials also begin to coordinate their activities with bordering states South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, and Mississippi, particularly in the area of traffic control measures as evacuees may need to move across state lines Level 11 Activation If a storm continues on a track that threatens the state, Florida emergency Officials shift to Level II activation, giving them higher state of readiness. In Level II status, emergency management officials begin to publicize
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