Emergency Preparedness : A Natural Part Of Life

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Local Emergency Preparedness Name College Local Emergency Preparedness Disasters are a natural part of life. The history of humankind is littered with major catastrophes that altered the change of history. These catastrophes sometimes have devastating effects and show the weaknesses of the response teams put in place to mitigate them. In recent history, two events have shaped disaster preparedness and response in the country. These disasters are the September 11 terrorist attacks and the hurricane Katrina (Canton, 2007). After the September attacks, homeland security was formed and tasked with preventing future terrorist attacks. However, after Katrina, there was a realization that nature had the potential of inflicting deadlier attacks. The result is that homeland security was expanded to include all catastrophic events that affected American citizens (McEntire, 2007). The national policies adopted affected all states. For example, for a state to qualify for federal funding, it needs to outline disaster mitigation strategies the disaster mitigation act of 2000 requires all local authorities to have disaster mitigation strategies in order to qualify for federal grants (Schwab, 2010). Such conditions inspire mitigation strategies across the country, including the state of Illinois. Current goals of the community The objectives of the community about disaster bear many similarities with the general goals in the nation. They are merely concerned with disaster
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