Emergency Preparedness For A Zombie Apocalypse

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Brian Leonard
Office of Emergency Management
University of the Fraser Valley
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Subject: Emergency Preparedness in the Library

Dear Brian Leonard,

Occurrences Natural epidemics and calamities date back to the very beginning of life we know today. Emergency incidences occur unpredictably in our daily life basis. It is hence essential to ensure that we are whole equipped with relevant basic knowledge of handling any unforeseen calamity that can happen here UFV school community. This report present the findings and analysis of an investigation conducted in the library section of the UFV campus
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To take cover under tables
In any event necessitating student to pursue an under table cover, he or she should ensure that the table is impregnable and unassailable enough to prevent zombies from making contact.
Lots of window
In case the nature of the emergency calls for immediate evacuation, student should perform an intense, but hastily, examination for nearby openings or escape points. Most often, windows come in handy. Making sure that there are no zombies in the vicinity before one proceeds. Nevertheless, in the case where the widows are exceedingly high above the landing ground level, one is totally disabused from the notions of attempting jumps.

Exit in the back of the room
In most of the contemporary standard structures, the habitable sections of the building are fitted with emergence exit doors. More often than not, these doors are fitted at the back sides of the structure. Student should locate such get-out point hurriedly. Usually, the routes these points are guided using labeled signs, either positioned on the walls side, or overhead.
Elevators are the fastest means of escaping from emergencies taking places in the upper floor. However, this course of action would depend on nature of emergency or the threat afoot. At all cost, student should not comprehend or perceive elevators as the most safe and first priority exist strategy in the event where the zombie emergency is, by nature or design, accompanied by electrical malfunctions, or
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