Emergency Preparedness For A Zombie Apocalypse

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Brian Leonard
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Subject: Emergency Preparedness in the Library

Dear Brian Leonard,

Occurrences Natural epidemics and calamities date back to the very beginning of life we know today. Emergency incidences occur unpredictably in our daily life basis. It is hence essential to ensure that we are whole equipped with relevant basic knowledge of handling any unforeseen calamity that can happen here UFV school community. This report present the findings and analysis of an investigation conducted in the library section of the UFV campus regarding emergency preparedness for a zombie apocalypse. The concept of zombie apocalypse has been considered hypothetically to account for any worse case scenario of an emergency.
Direct observation approach was used in the investigation. In so doing, various components of the library were looked at analyses from logics and cognitive basis. The following constructs of zombie apocalypse epidemic were considered probable. Hence, the descriptions thereinafter are the preparedness rationale the UFV students should follow or abide by in case of such emergencies.
Case in point and best course of action
Tall books shelter tips over
Student should move away to a safe distance from the tipped shelter. Examine…

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