Essay about Emergency Preparedness

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Community Emergency Preparedness and Response Paper

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Community Emergency Preparedness and Response Paper
Risk for disasters is a part of life; emergency situations occur more frequently than many people believe. A wise person plans for the worse, and hopes for the best. After a disaster, how well a community can recover will depend largely on how well they prepared in advance. Risk management includes identifying any potential risks to a community and proactively planning to minimize the threat. Proactive organization of resources and people to respond to emergencies can mean the difference between a community’s ability to regroup and recover, and the loss of life. To better
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The nurse who runs the center has thirty-plus years of geriatric experience. She has educated seniors to stay inside, away from the smoke irritants in the air, after noting their increased oxygen use and coughing. Actions of Health Care Workers
Actions at the Emergency Room and Hospital Neighborhood’s hospital is filled with patients who are ill with exacerbations of asthma and emphysema related to the poor air quality and smoke. The hospital’s emergency department calls for in-patient beds but there are no beds available. There are more patients needing beds than there are beds available. The emergency room nurses keep calling the floors to request beds, and none are available. The staff morale is low because they all feel the stress related to the pressure of early discharge for patients to make beds available. The nurses are kept busy with discharges and admissions, and are feeling overwhelmed and under-staffed. Hospital administration has decided to implement mandatory overtime adding to the stress of the staff.
Actions at the Senior Center Many seniors have been using their oxygen more frequently. One client has told her he is coughing since the fire began. The geriatric nurse, Karen, who works at the center has advised many seniors to stay indoors and away from the irritants in the air. She has provided health screenings and education to
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