Emergency Preparedness Plan for Hospitals

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The Departments and Tasks. A Visitor control center will be assigned for all visitors who wish to be informed regarding patient's condition and whether a family member was injured. Normal visiting hours are suspended during an emergency situation. A hospital staff member will stay with visitors, and a list may need to be kept of visitors. Volunteers should be enrolled in helping flow. As regards visitors too, telephone calls will be made available for their convenience and so as to ensure no blockage. In the case of extra supplies being needed, runners / messengers will be kept on hand to run for those supplies. The Purchasing Director will be the one in charge of ordering and monitoring these extra supplies In order to keep the patient's articles organized, large bags will be available in the treatment area and storeroom for patient's clothes and other articles. Another communication center will be set up for interacting with the media and for giving information to the relations. The restaurant, in fact, may be used as the meeting area for the press. Patients who are dead on arrival (DOA) will be tagged with an identifying tag with bodies stored in the hallway and monitored by a certain personnel until they are conveyed to the morgue by the Funeral Director. Information of identified bodes will be filed on identifying tag and on medical records. These will then later be passed on to appropriate family members…
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