Emergency Preparedness Should Be Prepared For Any Crisis

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72 Hour emergency kits March 15, 2011 at 11:25am First, form a list of the items that you will need for three days away from home. (Those of you who camp and are our clients, consider it a three day pack-light, trip.) Each household will have a different list. Some good resources include: the Internet, numerous publications from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, an older edition of the Boy Scout Handbook, BSA Emergency Preparedness merit badge book, How to be Prepared for any Crisis (by Roland Page), Emergency Preparedness (A Practical Commonsense Guide by Evan Gabrielsen), Expect the Unexpected (by the American Red Cross), Beginners Guide to Family Preparedness (by Rosalie Mason), your local county emergency…show more content…
7. Medication needed? 8. Individual vs. family concerns. Here are some examples of 72 Kit meals: 10 Beverage ideas: PACK WATER! fruit juice (boxes/ bottles), powdered milk, bottled water, herb teas, cocoa mix, soda, drink packets (like Wylers or Crystal Light), V-8 or tomato juice, flavored milk mix (like Quick) 10 Breakfast ideas: Instant breakfast packets, cold cereal, granola, breakfast bars, peanut butter/cheese crackers, canned fruit, instant oatmeal, dehydrated eggs (with dehydrated cheese), canned/dehydrated pudding, canned bacon 10 Lunch ideas: canned soup, stew, spaghettios/ravioli, cup-a-soup, Ramen, jerky and crackers, Vienna sausages, pork and beans, nachos (corn chips, squeeze cheese, salsa packets), micro meals (you 'll have to probably eat it cold) 10 Supper ideas: canned/ bagged tuna, bagged burger, can ned chili, canned meat (chicken, fish, ham, beef), flavored rice, canned/bagged oriental food, stove top stuffing, summer sausage and crackers, refried beans and squeeze cheese. 20 Go-with and Snack ideas: canned/bagged vegetables, canned/bagged fruit, dried fruit chips, flavor packets (spices you like), CAN OPENER, sugar packets, ketchup/mustard packets, hard candy, packaged cookies or bars, potato or corn chip packets, graham crackers, S 'mores, string cheese, mixed nuts, fruit roll ups, pretzels, squeeze peanut butter, squeeze jelly, dry flat breads, rice cakes, instant potatoes Use these examples to help
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