Emergency Prevention And Other Emergency Procedures

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Emergency Prevention/Poisons: Fire, Earthquake and other emergency procedures, emergency service telephone numbers, school extensions, evacuation plans, poison control numbers are posted on the information board. They are posted closer to the telephone. The evacuation plan was posted on all the doors of the classroom. An emergency red backpack and a green bag were hanged in a hook and a teacher told me that it has all emergency information’s, first aid, thermometer, flashlight, and some books for emergency. She said that they take the green bag along with the children and it has emergency information’s and first aid. They have a practice fire drill, earthquake drill at least two times in a year. I noticed a smoke alarm. All the cabinets with art materials, teaching resources were locked. When I opened the cabinets I found the tool for checking choke hazard. All Children have their named storage area for storing their things. Cleaning liquids are labelled and are out of reach from children. The class does not have any noticeable odors. Temperature inside the room was warm. I felt that the water was cold to wash hands. All electrical outlets at children reach were covered and some of them were behind the shelves where children cannot reach. I did not see any belongings other than teacher’s jackets outside. Hand Washing: Hand washing procedures are posted closer to the sink. Children were washing hands before snack and not after snack. A child was helping to give soap to all
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