Emergency Response: Disaster in Franklin County Essay

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Emergency Response: Disaster in Franklin County Katherine Helm Western Governor’s University May 2013 Role of the Major Public Health Personnel In the event of a disaster, the community relies upon the public health personnel to evaluate the needs of the community, assess the available resources, provide reliable information, and coordinate health activities. It is essential that local health workers are trained professionals who are reassuring and organized to address health, social, cultural and material concerns of the community. Local health personnel coordinate social services, transportation, available health services, volunteers, outside assistance, public utilities and rescue work (HELP, 1989). The public health nurse is…show more content…
4) Operations Chief: Organizes tactical field resources. 5) Logistics Chief: Acquires space, supplies, and equipment for operations to be able to function. 6) Finance/Administration Chief: Ensures contracts and finances are in place for the The public health nurse is also part of the Incident Command Team. As a single resource, the public health nurse is part of the Nurse Strike Team. The PHN would report to the leader of the Nurse Strike Team. The Strike Team reports to the Medical Care Group who then reports to the Operations Chief within the Incident Command (FEMA, 2010). Available Resources The public health nurse has many resources available to help assist residents after a natural disaster. The priorities after a disaster such as a flood are for providing services in high-risk areas such as adequate and safe water, basic sanitation facilities, liquid and solid waste disposal, shelter, food protection, and personal hygiene. The public health nurse has access to written literature that can be provided to residents who are safe to remain in their homes, which describe food and water safety as well as hygiene measures. If residents are willing to leave an unsafe living environment, the public health nurse is able to locate shelters for temporary safe housing. Epidemiology specialists are available to the nurse if signs of a possible disease outbreak has

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