Emergency Response From The Federal Emergency Management System

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This paper will discuss emergency response derived from the Federal Emergency Management System through the Department of Homeland Security, and the management system connecting the support entities. Additionally, it will cover the response to the terrorist attacks of 9/11, and the response to Hurricane Katrina. Specifically, this paper will look into a few areas where emergency response has failed and why. Furthermore, it will look at lessons learned from failings associated with these responses. Finally, this paper will look at what emergency response methods could improve, and a business design created to improve response efforts in the future. Federal Emergency Management Agency There exist numerous types of…show more content…
There were six original agencies that combined together to create what is recognized today as FEMA. FEMA is in charge of coordinating and managing relief efforts for large, and/or lesser scale disaster efforts. When FEMA is notified into action, it sets in motion a wide range of entities that collaborate together to provide assistance. Roughly, a few types of assistants that are set into motion would include financial and physical support. When FEMA is called into action, they utilize a specific system called the National Incident Management System or NIMS. The National Incident Management System is designed as a systematic way of coordination between the public and private sectors to manage response efforts for several types of incidents to aid in preventing loss of life and damage. It is also designed as a standard, cooperate tool used for managing incidents. “The concepts contained herein provide for a flexible but standardized set of incident management practices with emphasis on common principles, a consistent approach to operational structures and supporting mechanisms, and an integrated approach to resource management” (Department of Homeland Security, 2015). The NIMS has several functions that work in association to provide the necessary tools for response efforts. These functions include: NIMS Doctrine Supporting Guides and Tools; Training; Resource Management and Mutual Aid; Implementation Guidance and Reporting; NIMS Alerts; FEMA NIMS
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