Emergency Response Procedure

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Training and Awareness Lack of training and practice will induce the emergency response plans fail. It is not the suitable to rectify the emergency response procedure (ERP) flaws during an incident. In order to minimize the adverse effects of emergencies, training should be provided. This section is to be used for identifying the types of exercises and training for the employees. It is essential to provide training for the staffs of sewage utilities. This system specify the frequency of each training to be conducted, and who should receive the emergency response training. Moreover the system also identify the required training resources. The purpose of training is to: a) Educate staff about hazards and the impact b) Practice emergency response.…show more content…
 Plant Operator instruct visitors to the emergency exit and the assembly area ERP training program The ERP training program consist of the following sessions: Orientation: This session includes brief explanation and basic ERP Action Plan procedures. Table Top Workshop: It involves developing some scenarios that designate potential problems and provide necessary information to address the problems. Trainees will be given some major events. They have to respond to a series of questions verbally and evaluate their responses whether they matches with the ERP. Functional Exercises: It simulates a real major event. The training team sends information by a series of prescript messages to the trainees to perform the ERP procedures. The trainees respond to the realistic simulation and carry out the procedures, it can test the validity of the ERP. Test: Written tests to ensure some level of comprehension by the
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