Emergency Room Customer Service: Root Cause of Complaints

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Emergency room customer service Root cause of complaints The emergency room (ER) has been receiving a lot of complaints recently and the chief executive officer, it was decided to find out the root cause of the complaints. This was done in two ways. First is that two individuals were granted the role of observing customers in various locations for about 2 hours per location for a period of one week. They were required to note any issue that arose leading to problems. The second way was that customer feedback forms were introduced in all major rooms of the ER to capture the customer experiences. The observations and feedback was collected, collated, prioritized and discussed. The ER was found to be receiving an average of 9.8 complaints per day which was higher than the average for many other facilities ADDIN EN.CITE Zuckerman20041264(Zuckerman & Shen, 2004)1264126417Zuckerman, StephenShen, Yu-ChuCharacteristics of Occasional and Frequent Emergency Department Users: Do Insurance Coverage and Access to Care Matter?Medical CareMedical Care176-1824222004Lippincott Williams & Wilkins00257079http://www.jstor.org/stable/464071510.2307/4640715( HYPERLINK l "_ENREF_7" o "Zuckerman, 2004 #1264" Zuckerman & Shen, 2004). The chief complaints for patients was that there were not receiving adequate care, poor emergency room management, being sent away because the hospital lacked space, physicians or other members of staff to provide the right care, and long wait times. The root cause
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