Emergency Room For A Wide Spectrum Of Health Problems Essay

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The emergency room is structured to provide care for a wide spectrum of health problems from minor to major life-threatening illnesses and trauma. The majority of people come to the emergency room for serious health conditions and others use the emergency room as their primary source of medical care. People often choose to visit the ER rather than their own primary care physicians to avoid expensive co-pays. No matter the aliment the ER must be equipped to handle the influx of patients desiring treatment. Triage is often where prioritization of care is determined.
Emergency rooms locally and nationwide are inundated with patients. Due to extended wait times, patients often suffer permanent damage or even die awaiting treatment. More often, others leave without being seen by a healthcare provider. The current problem of extended wait times prevents ER 's from delivering quality patient care in a time efficient manner. Wait times and overcrowding often results in negative and/or poor patient outcomes. It is this nurse 's belief that evaluation of triage tools and implementation of the most effective tool could serve to decrease patient wait times and reduce negative patient outcomes. Triage is often the first point of contact between the nurse and the patient. The triage assessment conducted by the nurse often determines the level of care the patient will receive. The triage assessment tool must be accurate in determining prioritization of care as well as
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