Emergency Room For The Fear Of Coming Into Contact With All The Horrific Stories

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Hackensack University Medical Emergency & Trauma Center 30 Prospect Avenue Hackensack, NJ 07601 Department: Emergency Manager: Liz Paskas; Rebecca Kaiser Everyone dreads going to the emergency room for the fear of coming into contact with all the horrific stories that they were told, the long wait times, disorderly drunks and being around other sick people. But for the rare occasion that you have no other choice but to go you come in close contact with many different individuals that include registration staff, techs, nurses, doctors, and specialist from different fields. When visiting an emergency room you expect to be greeted, welcomed and showed appreciation for choosing that particular hospital. You expect confidentiality and…show more content…
This is the first impression that the patient is provided. Many patients come into the ER in a panic because they are either looking for a family member who is a patient or are a patient themselves and are in a lot of pain and or discomfort. Patients that are critically ill from trauma, heart attack, or severe infection come to the ER and usually are seen immediately and have the full focus of the ER staff. Other patients who are not critically ill but still have needs that must be tended to usually are the ones stuck in the ER waiting longer then the desired time. At first glimpse you see a young girl icing her sore ankle. An older man to my right moaning and clutching his belly. The woman to my left is coughing into her mask. A stretcher rolling by with a man yelling at the top of his lungs all while an ambulance is arriving and witnessing a medic performing CPR. Taking a deeper preview for some time a pattern of patient is evident just like customers are classified as rational, decisive, inquisitive, and expressive for the ER I easily observed the top ten types of ER patients. These patients included: 1. The Repeat Customer 2. The Second- Opinion Seeker 3. The Googler 4. The Genuine Sick Person 5. The “Totally Healthy” Person 6. The Forgetter 7. The Narcotic Seeker 8. The Small Talker
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