Emergency Rooms And The Health Care

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Introduction: As amazing the health care in Canada might sound to many the reality is quite different. It is still a top priority for improvement for Canadians. After continuous decades of debate, and the increase in public funding for the health care will alleviate the great number of Canadian still suffer from the flaws that originate within the depths of the Canadian health care. Therefore the health care should begin to change for the better. The emergency room is the part of a hospital that will provide immediate treatment to the acutely ill or traumatised patient. Thus, emergency rooms are very important aspect of the health care to many people as life-threatening injuries could happen to anyone during their lifetime. In addition to that, emergency departments have to function quickly in order to give the best and fast care to the ill. This paper will be covering the their history of emergency rooms, their positive and negative aspects, the effects that are caused by the flaws within the system and possible solutions for developing the emergency room. History:
Emergency rooms were originally called “accident rooms”. During the late mid-nineteenth century the accident services provided there were hard labour jobs that where life endangering such as railway building and others. The first specialized trauma centre was opened in 1911 in the United States. It was first in the world and was developed by surgeon Arnold Griswold. In addition to that fire truck and the
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