Emergent Social Disparities: Sports, Tax, and Language

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Emergent Social Disparities: Sports, Tax and Language Ordinarily, one would not expect that there would be any disparities, real or perceived, in any public and national undertakings within the contemporary American society. This however is not the reality since the experience in some of the daily experiences in sports among college athletes, variation in taxation as well as how the English language is appropriated within the society raises numerous social questions that point to gross disparities and to some extent discrimination. Evidently the college athletes are deprived of the pay that they should be getting from the exquisite display of talent that not only entertains millions across the globe but also brings in enormous amounts to the respective colleges (Thompson, 2013). Instead, there is a faรงade propagated that the benefits derived from the program in form of scholarships, grants and related benefits like housing. However, these gains are reversed by the prohibitive laws against the athletes receiving gifts, be it material or monetary, from admirers and willing sponsors (NCAA, 2013). Indeed, the NCAA is particular about this 'vice' and conducts thorough investigations, with severe consequences tied to it (Wolf, 2013). The NCAA argues that these measures and conditions are meant to streamline the education, make the students concentrate of graduating first and have a level playing field among all the colleges. NCAA argues that opening up the space for
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