Emerging Adulthood

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Self Reflection 1) I would consider myself to be in the emerging adulthood because I had many decisions that will possibly benefit my future. For example , I decided I would go out of state for college and be away from my parents . I picked the major that best fit my interest and I had made the decision to get a job to earn a s source of income. Emerging adulthood refers to a period where an individual transits from adolescence to adulthood . This is a period where the individual begins to establish independences from parents and take on adult roles (Steinberg, Bornstein, Vandell & Rook ,2011) . 2) To live a healthier lifestyle , I need to engage in a more vigorous exercise on a daily basis. I believe engaging in vigorous exercises…show more content…
For example , if we look at Erikson’s stages , middle adulthood are in the generativity versus stagnation . I found that adults like my father , are constantly worrying about if he or she has done enough to lead the next generation into progress( Steinberg , Bornstein , Vandell & Rook , 2011) . For example , my father constantly pushes his children to become great and do great . Though his method are a bit harsh , he just want to make sure that his children are successful due to his influences. This psychosocial stage is also seen in my father’s interaction with people. For example , in our interview my father mentioned that he participated in assisting someone who was injured in order to make sure that individual would live to see another day . Whereas when I interviewed my friend Nene , I realized that she was in the Identity vs Role Confusion( Steinberg , Bornstein , Vandell & Rook , 2011). Nene portrayed this stage because she was an 18 year old, who just got into college and left her parents . The selection of her major would definitely demonstrate what her interest is and possible career field she would like to partake in . She is an Agronomy major , so she is interested in the soil and the importance of growing nutritious food from the soil. In comparison , my interviewees had the same parenting style while growing up . They
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