Emerging Adulthood and Sexuality in Latin American Immigrants in Madrid

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The main idea of this paper is to discuss the sexual and reproductive health of Latin American immigrants in Madrid, briefly approaching three different questions: do they believe that there are differences about sexual and reproductive health issues between what they lived in their countries and Spain?; are they having different behaviors in Spain than in their origin countries and, if so, which ones?; and finally, what do they perceived about sexual health services and access in Spain?

Regular Latin American immigrant's sexuality in Europe has been rarely addressed by researchers. Even the known importance of irregular migration sexuality studies, because of the risks and vulnerability to which migrants are exposed, we should ask
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The Ecological Theory is not being probed in this research; it is limited to be an organizing tool. The interview guide that we use tried to include all the systems in the theory (macro, micro, meso, exo, and crhono5), and their probable relations through different issues, which will correspond to one or more systems. However, even the theory would not define the study, it contributes to the design.

Grounded theory interprets data from the reality of the individual, and it can be understand under the social construction of reality, according to Berger and Luckman6. Also, it is directly related with the concept of sexuality as a social construction. Weeks3 emphasis, when talking about the social construction of sexuality, that "sexuality is not a given fact, it is a product of negotiation, struggle, and human actions"(pp 30).

Emerging adulthood was proposed in 2000 by Jeffrey Arnett,2 to described the group of people aged 18 -29 years old. The theory basically includes 5 principles that can change between countries due to cultural backgrounds: instability (work, love, education); exploration of identity; Self-focus on personal goals; feeling in between (adult-adolescent); high hopes for the future, positives ideas.

It has been argued that not all young people can live this stage because not everyone in the world has the chance to decide about their
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