Emerging Challenges Of Social Work And Women 's Studies- An Empirical Study

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Author: Mr.Madhavan Pasur Srisailam. AMIE.,(Mech.,)MBA(Systems).,MFT.,MFM.,M.Phil(Managt,.)M.Phil(Commerce).,
M.Phil(Intl.Business).,MPhil(Economics).,MA.,(Social Work)MA.,(Sociology)MSc.,(Psy.,) MA.,(Women Studies)MA.,(Human Rights) MPhil.,(Public Admn.,)Research Scholar (Commerce) – MS UNIVERSITY, TIRUNELVELI

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Emerging Challenges in Social work research- The Contexts of Diffusion: Adoption of Research Synthesis in Social Work and Women’s Studies- An Empirical study.

Research papers reveal the subjects of interest in research fields, and the values, beliefs, and practices of researchers. In this study, texts are examined through bibliometric mapping and topic modeling to provide a bird’s eye view of the social dynamics associated with the diffusion of research synthesis methods in the contexts of Social Work and Women’s Studies. Research synthesis texts are especially revealing because the methods, which include meta-analysis and systematic review, are reliant on the availability of past research and data, sometimes idealized as objective, egalitarian approaches to research evaluation, fundamentally tied to past research practices, and performed with the goal informing future research and practice. This study highlights the co-influence of past and subsequent
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